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Interior Design
by Protech Hospitality


Innovative Design

We will come up with a unique concept for you. Your space will look beautiful and will be functional!

Kreativ Hospitality Interior Design

We Work With You

Kreativ Design works closely with you and your team so that your restaurant or cafe design is the best that it can be and let you stand out of the crowd.

Kreativ Hospitality Interior Design

Hospitality Background

Our hospitality background gives us in-depth knowledge on how to create scalable, modular design solutions to be rolled-out at multiple locations.

Kreativ Hospitality Interior Design


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create

We will always meet you onsite at any location around Sydney and help you right from the start. We make the difficult seem easy – Our experienced eye can tell you immediately what is required. DA or Private certifier? Is it a Heritage building? What about disabled access? Is it suitable for a Restaurant or Cafe based on your budget? Is there a grease trap? Exhaust System? We might know about other sites as well!

Bring your menus and ideas. We’ll ask you lots of questions about your plans and menu. Tell us about them, as this is the cornerstone of any new Hospitality business!  Our scope usually includes floor layouts, mood boards, concept design, space planning, kitchen layouts, front counter and bar layouts, council compliance, equipment and material selection, obtaining council approvals and certification, heritage advice, help with liquor license requirements, 3D rendering and much more. With so many things to consider, we specialise in making the process easy for our clients!

Signature dishes, perfectly pitched drinks and impeccable service are an integral part of the eating and drinking experience, but a venue’s interior is an equally important ingredient. Design provokes an emotional response in us, whether it be a feeling of nostalgia, of delight, or a satisfying sense that we’re in the know. Good design is good for business – it attracts patrons (and keeps them coming back) and creates an efficient working environment for staff.