Key Factors For Creating an Effective Café Design

Just because you have great coffee making skills does not necessarily mean that your café business will succeed. There are certain factors and elements to consider before you try your luck in the market. One of the things that attract and retains customers is the ambiance of the place. Folks these days document their experiences via social media such as Instagram or Facebook.  This is why the place where they document it needs to be picture perfect. In order to generate a picture perfect café, one needs to have good interior design and, more importantly, a hospitable environment.

How Interior Design Affects Hospitality and Customer satisfaction

Customer loyalty is crucial to the success of a business and especially when it comes to the restaurant market which includes cafes, bars etc. The café design needs to stand out and be innovative from the competitor’s market offering. In order to excel in the café business, one needs to provide not only high-quality service but also a unique dining area which will contribute to overall customer satisfaction.

Key factors

Here is a list of all the key factors which are crucial for creating a good cafe interior.

·      The Concept and Latest Trends


Think about the elements that make your café unique. This will not only allow you to give something extra to the customers but also appeal to the target audience. Opt for concepts like retro, French, rock, fancy, sophisticated, contemporary, or Hollywood which are in trend and appeal to customers.

·      The Color Psychology


Colors play an important role in generating a hospitable environment in cafés or restaurants. The color that is rarely seen in cafes is blue and the reason behind that lies in its ability to distract one’s mind away from food. On the other hand, colors like orange, red and green stimulate the appetite and increase cravings. This is why the right color combination will not only help you maximize hospitability but will also generate customer satisfaction.

·      Functional Space and Layout


Ask yourself while planning the café interior whether the furniture looks comfy or whether the flow of the layout is customer friendly. Space and layout are two of the most critical components that are responsible for generating a perfect in-store design. Owners often overdo the cafes interior with decoration and furniture which ends up looking crowded and unwelcoming.

·      Lighting


A striking interior design makes a good visual impact but it will go unnoticed if the use of lighting is not right. Flickering or extremely bright fluorescents look appallingly unwelcoming and overwhelming. This is why it is crucial to consider lighting as an essential element for creating a good ambiance.

According to a study conducted by Edvardsson, and Öström, 2010, on the restaurant industry, states that factors that influence customer satisfaction include food, how the staff interacts with customers, interior design, and environment of the café or restaurant. This is why it is necessary to master the key ingredients for generating customer value and creating ideal hospitality space for the customers in a café.