New menu trends that define dining

New menu trends that define dining

Jun 25, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How many times have you admired (or hated) the menu you held in a restaurant? In a recent article in the NY times, the exact issue was addressed:

Restaurant menus can be surprisingly revealing. Sure, they’ll tell you what you can order at the hottest restaurant in your city on a particular evening. But they’re also a time capsule of culture, reflecting the comforts, habits, flavors and values of an era.

That’s been true since the first American menus of the 1840s, which cataloged the opulent dishes at hotels catering to the ultrawealthy. And it remains so, well into the age of QR-code fatigue.

Last year, as the New York Times Food team traveled the country to scout candidates for our annual list of favorite restaurants, we also set out to understand, more broadly, what defines eating out today.After years of plexiglass dividers, curbside delivery, masked servers and, yes, QR codes, one thing was immediately clear: Physical menus aren’t just back. They have more personality than ever.

Source:NY Times